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The Rheingau Group business model is designed to support founders from company inception all the way up to Series D funding rounds and a lucrative exit. Investors have the opportunity to invest in Rheingau companies at almost every stage. After foundation Rheingau offers pre-emptive investment rights to the Rheingau Club. Club members thus benefit from an exclusive proprietary deal flow and are able to invest in rounds that are otherwise not accessible for outside investors. For later stage rounds in the Rheingau portfolio there is Rheingau Capital. As Rheingau is run by entrepreneurs with substantial experience and a smart, entrepreneur-friendly track record, the Rheingau team is often offered to join financing rounds and investment opportunities that are not open to anyone, or even welcomed to invest when no money would be needed (in our view the most attractive opportunities). Rheingau Capital is the fund to seize these opportunities.

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Finding new deals by creating them together with great entrepreneurs

We screen thousands of business plans a year, and 5-10 pitches a week. Our research team is constantly analyzing global markets through the Rheingau framework. 80% of our business ideas are generated internally, with the rest coming via our external network of entrepreneurs and venture partners. This combination of internal dealflow and idea generation nourishes the whole Rheingau ecosystem. Rheingau pro-actively creates startups in areas it wants to invest, meaning our work isn’t dependent on waiting for the next pitch.

Extensive operational support makes all the difference

Our boutique approach and best practices allow for fast scaling, so we can offer a proprietary deal flow of proven business models in the early growth stage. Members of the Rheingau Club get exclusive access to match the investments from external business angels and venture capital firms. Due to our hands-on support, we have our entrepreneurs’ backs in difficult times and mostly see issues before they even arise. It speaks for itself that >80% of our co-founded ventures make it into Series B round (the average for Germany is 10%).

At arm’s length with the entrepreneurs

Our knowledge and experience in sourcing great investment opportunities has carried over into our 19knots venture fund. Here we offer opportunistic investments inside and outside the Rheingau ecosystem. Having been there numerous times ourselves, we exactly know what entrepreneurs are looking for in a top-notch investor. So in addition to access to the proven concepts of our co-founded ventures, investors can also benefit from our unique positioning in the ecosystem.


our network

We are members of many prestigious alumni organizations – providing us access to great talent in various stages of their career.

We host and present regularly at top-tier startup events – helping us to stay closely in touch with corporate partners, suppliers, clients, experts and great entrepreneurs.

We are active mentors at Europe’s leading accelerators, therefore securing very early access to many great teams and ideas.


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