Rheingau Capital

The Rheingau Ecosystem

Rheingau Capital complements our Rheingau ecosystem by both extending our ability to fund follow-up investments of our co-founded ventures and enabling investment into other third party ventures. Thanks to 10 years of professional co-founding and angel investment activities we operate a vast alumni network. In addition, we have teamed up with numerous entrepreneurs and kept tight bonds with C-level executives from various industry sectors.

In 2013 the Rheingau Club was incorporated to provide sufficient financing exclusively for the Rheingau co-founded companies for the very early funding stages until Series A.

Rheingau Capital is a strategic enhancement to that ecosystem for mid stage financing rounds, for the first time not only limited to co-founded companies but predominantly targeting to team up with third party ventures.

Backing great entrepreneurs

One of the primary ways in which we differentiate ourselves in the market is by investing our social capital in an entrepreneur before we invest our monetary capital. We often provide professional advice on key strategic and operational business issues, source top talent to fill management needs and make introductions to customers and strategic partners well before we have won the deal. This approach provides a clear benefit to entrepreneurs, enabling them to leverage on our multiple years of investment and industry expertise and a network of successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, key industry decision makers and technology visionaries to whom they might otherwise not have access. It also provides a benefit to us, as it exposes entrepreneurs to a network of credible and accomplished professionals who do not only help them validate but also refine their early product and business models.

Investment focus

The investment strategy comprises an average investment per company of €1-2m in the initial investment and up to €5m reserved as following-on funding for the most promising ventures. Opportunities will be based on the investment criteria shown on the left.

What makes us attractive for entrepreneurs ...

Highly experienced investment professionals: Our team earned many years of entrepreneurial, professional, consulting and investing experience. This results in an outstanding reputation of the Rheingau team in the German startup environment.

Structured investment approach: Clearly defined processes and fast decision-making help us to focus our investment approach. We position ourselves as operative arm’s lengths partners of the entrepreneurs who understand them and speak from the same page.

... as well as investors

Focus on attractive market segments: We focus our investments in segments in which our team has built many successful business models. In recent years, the team pioneered the digitization of previously analogue industries. This provides us with a first mover advantage and extensive knowledge in disrupting traditional business models.

Broad network & proprietary deal flow: Rheingau Group’s alumni comprise current and former co-founders as well as C-Level executives of our portfolio companies. Our active role as mentors in accelerator programs continuously broadens our network. This unique external deal flow combined with access to funding rounds of Rheingau Group co-founded companies makes up a perfect mix of exclusive deals.


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