Rheingau Club


Our unique role as active investors starts at the very beginning, with the foundation of each co-founded venture. Right from the start, we know every line of code, every document, every financial KPI and every team member and can assess each venture’s risk and opportunity individually. We know beforehand of financing round and – due to our pre-emptive rights – will never miss on a great deal. Many Rheingau startup rounds – especially the early ones – are oversubscribed and later rounds often have high minimum tickets. Not so for the club investors: As we pool our voting rights with our co-founding shares, we’ll stay a decisive shareholder, being better protected than an individual investor would normally be.


Our Rheingau Club members are kept up to date about all relevant issues via regular quarterly investment committee meetings. These are followed by one-on-one meetings with the CEOs of our portfolio firms; giving our club members a greater view from the inside, and the possibility to debate the next investment decisions.

In every investment round, individual investors can also take advantage of our “3 to 1 swing”, that is, increasing their pro rata share up to 150% or reducing it to 50%.

24/7 dashboard reporting

Datapine, one of our successful ventures, provides the state-of-the-art business intelligence software for all of our co-founded companies. Even the most elaborate KPI are made easy with this SaaS tool for database analytics, which gives investors access to real-time KPI and 24/7 dashboard reporting.

Because Rheingau co-founds the companies, there are no hidden secrets or skeletons in the closet that might be overlooked in traditional due diligences.


One of our ambitions is to enable networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors through special networking events. We organize “Investors Days” at our office on a quarterly basis, often combined with a half-day portfolio tour through Berlin.

Another important event is our annual two-day “Entrepreneurs Day” at Lake Tegernsee. The relaxed atmosphere is a perfect homecoming for friends and business partners, and it has also developed to one of Europe’s most popular events in the venture capital and private equity scene.



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