Ingo Drexler

Ingo Drexler has over 10 years experience in banking with Mountain Partners AG, based out of Zurich in Switzerland, and is also the Chief Investment Officer at the firm. While at Mountain, Ingo has been involved in founding and investing in over 150 technology-based businesses, which created in total more than 10.000 jobs.

Previously, Ingo was the Head of Finance and HR at MovingImage24 GmbH, a secure content management solution for cloud based video streaming, based in Germany and catering to the B2B video streaming market in Europe. Ingo has a background in Media Economics and his list of alma maters include the Technical Universiy of Ilmenau, Germany, and Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil.

Being one of the first employees of Mountain Partners, Ingo was able to get to know the Founding Partners of Rheingau from the very beginning. Today, Ingo is part of the companys Investment Committee and an active member of the Rheingau Club supervisory board.


I always enjoy meetings at Rheingau! I love to work with them and every time I meet them there is an immense sense of passion for teamwork and drive for the startup spirit! From their setup only a few years ago, Rheingau Founders are definitely the new kids on the Berlin Startup scene. Even with an already excellent portfolio and first impressive exits, these guys still have the ambition to reach greater goals.