Matthias Horch

Matthias co-founded Secure-24 Inc. in 2001 together with his colleague Volker Straub. As the CEO of Secure-24 since its inception through 2013, he helped propelling the company into today’s position as an industry leader.
Prior to founding Secure-24, Matthias oversaw the deployment and protection of critical IT systems for organizations in diverse industries including financial institutions, nuclear power plants as well as technology and the automotive industry. He established the eBusiness Hosting and Network Security business for TDS AG, one oft he largest SAP application hosting firms in Europe. Thanks to his 15 years of IT Security services and product experience he was able to maintain the company`s success in world-class information security technology.
Matthias is one of the leading experts in security products and methodologies to mitigate the risks of security breaches and attacks. His expertise is trusted in highly safety-sensitive projects, such as the creation and management of a hosting environment for one of the most modern nuclear power plants in Germany.
Matthias also serves as Technology Advisor and Board member at Mitech and eChamber.
Since 2015, Matthias is involved within the Rheingau ecosystem via the Rheingau Club.

“What inspires me about the Rheingau Club is that while following common rules and guidelines of most investment firms, this team has learned to treat its members almost like family. Communication is open and Rheingau has a really good concept on how to incubate young startups and guide/coach them along the way.”