Mick Mende

Mick Mende gained his first experience in venture capital during his time at TVM Techno Venture Management in Munich in 1989. As an entrepreneur, he founded and managed several companies, mostly in the trade sector like grafipress GmbH, matton images GmbH or Opera Vertrieb GmbH. As a business angel, Mick supports his teams in sales and marketing, controlling and accounting as well as in implementing leadership instruments. His main focus however is always to get his teams to achive total customer satisfaction.

In 2011, Mick chose to fully focus on angel investing, and since then he has invested in over 20 ventures and worked with people from various startups such as Newscron, leverate media, itembase, Schutzklick, Montredo, etc. He has a diverse experience as he has dealt with projects in various industries, such as real estate, insurance, luxury apparel, publishing and media, life science and drug development, health care. Mick holds a diploma in business administration from the European Business School (Oestrich-Winkel, Germany).

Mick works together with Rheingau Founders as a co-investor in several Rheingau portfolio firms. Since 2015, Mick is also an active supervisory board member of the Rheingau Club.  

“I have had a chance to work with the partners behind Rheingau, and I can say that when it comes to dedication and focus I have seen none better. These guys have all the right ingredients of a great entrepreneur: commitment, endurance and drive. Besides being goal oriented and having a strong focus they are also easy-going and communication with them is excellent.”