success story

Service Partner ONE - Changing a whole industry through digitalization

Sven Hock had seen first-hand what digitalization can do to industries. After working in strategy consulting and setting up his own boutique consulting firm, he was responsible for the expansion of Indiegogo, bringing digital crowdfunding to the world and disrupting countless industries.

While in the US, Sven caught the infectious enthusiasm for the on-demand economy and its potential to disrupt the service industry. He carried this enthusiasm with him back to Germany, and within a very short time he had convinced Rheingau Founders of his vision. Shortly after Sven and Rheingau Founders finalized the business concept and co-founded Service Partner ONE.


The goal was big: Disrupt a 50-year-old industry by providing a digital solution to office management. Rheingau co-founder and former Lieferando CEO Kai Hansen came on board as a partner and played a significant role to brainstorm and develop their B2B business model.

Service Partner ONE was born, positioned as the market’s first Smart Office Management solution, providing all the services an office needs, from cleaning to supplies to food to maintenance. With an iPad terminal provided with the service, the office manager can coordinate all the services they need through Service Partner ONE’s interface.


Within 3 months, they had a highly skilled and motivated team, built a convincing product and acquired their first 100 customers. Service Partner ONE was incorporated in May 2015, and in August they already achieved €1.2 million in funding from Angels and VCs, as well as expanding into 3 cities.


The team grew quickly, but it’s not at all long ago that Sven and the initial team were cleaning the offices of their first customer themselves, before the company was even officially founded. That kind of hands-on dedication impresses people, and even impressed that first customer so much that they became one of Service Partner ONE’s early investors.


“Choose the right team and partners who believe in your vision,” Sven says. The extensive support that the Rheingau partners provided from the very beginning is one of the main reasons he gives for co-founding with the team, as well as the credibility in the market that comes with them. “The perfect long-term partners!”